Fast as a Tiger

Examples of Tiger Postdriver

“Fast, Strong and Reliable” are the key words

that characterise the Tiger Postdriver


The petrol powered Tiger Postdriver uses quality materials for the tubular frame, with the impact mechanism made up from high quality hardened steel. For such a extremely powerful machine, the Tiger Postdriver surprisingly lightweight at 18kg and so is suitable for single person operation.

Being powered by the four-stroke Honda GX35 engine, the Tiger Postdriver is reliable. It is able to operate at any angle, making it highly versatile. Using an air compression techique developed within the postdrivers frame, the totally self-powered Tiger Postdriver cannot be overloaded.

Providing operator comfort via the internally dampened handles, the Tiger Postdriver is designed to work under the most extreme conditions, developing some 1850 strikes per minute it pile drives posts effectively and quickly.

The Tiger Postdriver is extremely flexible, handling post made of wood, metal and plastic upto 100mm in diameter . Using a pillar frame, the Tiger Postdriver drills the post directly into the ground without any need for a soil drill. It can even pile drive square posts including 7 by 7, 8 by 8 and even 9 by 9.